What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing, also known as Split Testing is an impressive method to figure out the best option for marketing and promotional activities in a business.

A/B testing is a simple method to send multiple versions of a mail in a campaign and determine which one is the best so that you can send the winning campaign to your subscribers for assured higher interactions.

Send and compare two or more versions of a mailer to see which one performs better.

Further, A/B testing helps save time, energy and money when compared to the traditional practices. Send and compare two or more versions of a mailer to see which one performs better. You can choose a fraction of subscribers from the contact list who will receive the test campaigns. Based on the responses, the winner will be decided and the winning campaign can then be forwarded to rest of subscribers.

Why do you need A/B Testing & how it can help you improve?

Planning is always necessary to execute any plan in any business.

Perfectly planned A/B Testing can help yield effective results in marketing by filtering the ideal elements. These elements can then be combined to create a successful marketing campaign.

Improve your approach towards your subscribers and increase your business revenue. Let your customers decide what they want to see and based on this decision send the most efficient emails.

Here, A/B testing is associated with email campaigns. Important elements in an email campaign include the subject line, sending domain, from/reply-to email/name, email content/body, and certain customizations. These elements decide if the receiver will open and interact with your email or not.

Choose What To Test?

There is no limit to what variant you can choose from the email campaign. You can test each and every possible element but that will make this process very long. So, instead of testing all elements, focus on those which are important for your subscribers or which are important for a subscriber to open an email.

  • These important variants can be:
  • Subject Subject
  • From name From Name/Reply-To From name From Name/Reply-To
  • Email Content Email Content
  • Multi variant Customized Case Multi variant Customized Case
  • Above 4 are the most common chosen variants for this A/B test but you are free to use as many as 10 variants. You may not require more than these variants as this number is the largest for chosen variants. The system will automatically assign different colors to each variant for easy differentiation among the group.

Pre-requisite for A/B Testing

Before starting the A/B test process we need to make sure that all the basic ingredients are added. These basic ingredients are:

Contact List

Email Campaign

Control Panel Guide to perform A/B Testing

A/B Testing is basically a 7 step process.

We will discuss each step one by one. This step required some basic information in order to create the A/B test campaign.

  1. A/B Testing - 7 Steps

Quick, Easy & Interactive Setup

An intelligent testing environment where it is very easy to setup your split test in a few minutes

Drag to set priority order of variants in case of a tie to choose winner.
Slider to distribute contacts between variants and final-run.
Manually select winner at anytime.
Manually select winner at anytime.
Real time selection of contact.

Insights of A/B Test

The split test may help you to better understand the nature of subscribers. You can learn from test results about,

How to design an effective subject line?
Is it helpful if you use Name of the subscriber in your subject?
How does a From-Name effect the open rate of the campaign?
Is your mailer designer worthy to be paid?
What is the best time range to send emails to your customers?

Some Important Points

Sometimes we get confused with options or doesn't know which combination is best to get highest user response.
A/B testing (sometimes called split testing ) is comparing two/more versions of a mailer to see which one performs better.
You compare two/more mailers by sending the variants to a fraction of subscribers at the same time. The one that gives a better result will be used to send to the rest of the subscribers.
You can select the percentage of subscribers on which this test should run.
Then, set a winning condition for variants. When test will complete, the system will select the winner according to the winning condition. Rest of the emails will be sent by the Winner variant.
You can set the priority of the variants so that in the case of a tie, the system can choose the winner according to your choice.
Final Total number of Recipients
When you select a contact list or segmentation for A/B Test then it is quite possible that size of these lists may change during Wait-Time (generally when wait time is long). So total number of recipients may change at the time when the campaign is sent with Winner Variant. For example, at the time of creating A/B test, there are 1000 contacts in the selected contact list. The test is run on 10% of the total contacts, i.e., 100 contacts, and wait time is 10 days. Within 10 days contacts increased by 100. Now total contacts are 1100 in the list. So after 10 days, final campaign will be sent to 1000 contacts, i.e., ((1000-100)+100)