Manage Subscribers/Contact Lists

Store your subscribers information in contact lists and manage them easily. You can perform segmentation to filter contacts, use lists in campaigns, perform automation, A/B testings, etc.

We will guide you through the platform so that you can understand the process.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are used to map the uploaded subscribers information (.CSV format) in the contact list you have created. Custom Field feature gives you the liberty to store important data (name, email id, contact number etc.) so that you can target them more efficiently.

In SendClean email panel 3 custom fields; email_id, first_name, last_name are added by default by admin, others you have to create as per the requirement.

  1. 1. Add
  1. 2. View

Contact Lists

Once you have created the custom fields, you are now ready to add contact list into your account.

We will now discuss the process step by step

  1. 1. Add Contact List - 3 step process (CREATE, UPLOAD & MAP )
  1. 2. View

Uploaded Files

The files which are added to the existing contact lists will be in the uploaded file category. The uploaded file information is available only for 1 day and after that, the entry will be removed.

1 Search Just click to search information with 'name' of contact list, 'status' of uploaded contact list, 'date' when added.
2 View Uploaded Contacts Click on number ('3' in image) and contact list will open displaying all entries.
3 View Domains If contact list is part of complete campaign then domains will be associated with it. Click on 'View Domains' & you can check the domains linked with contact list.
4 Action List 'Map File' : In case mapping is required. 'Delete Contact File' : If you wish to delete the uploaded list.
5 Download Click here to 'Download' to download the uploaded contact file.

Suppression List

There are two basic steps under this topic.

  1. Suppression List - 3 step process.

Universal Search

You want to search for one single email id entry out of thousands of contacts stored in hundreds of contact list. Universal Search will make this task very easy for you. Search your entry in seconds.

1 Search Contact Enter the email id which you wish to search. Only one entry can be searched at once. Make sure the entry you made is valid.
2-3 Click for Popup Click on 'Search' and a popup will open. This popup will display information like 'Contact List Name', 'Create Date', 'Status'.
4 Direct Navigation There are two buttons 'Create Contact List' & 'Create Campaign'. These are for the direct navigation which will drop you at named destination.

Know your Subscribers

Now you are done with creating a contact list. You should also know how to manage the contact lists. We will now discuss some features which can enhance the productivity of your contact lists.

Multiple Contact Lists

Some service providers create a central list which clogs you to store similar, chronological, replica data. If you have various types of information of your subscribers and you can't store it in one list then no problem. We will facilitate you to create as many contact lists as you want.


It may be possible that you want to filter some of the contacts from your huge contact lists to target them more efficiently. Use segmentation and apply rule-based filters on your contact lists. So, instead of sending emails blindly to each of your subscribers, filter your contact lists using segmentation.

Unlimited Contacts

You can store the unlimited number of contacts in a single contact list.

Personalize Your Campaigns

Add as many fields in a list as you want and design highly personalized email campaigns.

Grow Your List

SendClean makes it easier to add new contacts in your contact lists. There are multiple options to grow your list.

Quick Add:
You can add new subscribers one by one manually via user-friendly GUI. This is useful when you have a few important entries to make after the contact list is created.

Upload File:
If you have a lot of contacts to add then just save your contacts in a comma separated or XLS file and follow the steps to create and fill contact list.

Web Forms:
Online integrated customizable forms make it easier to add new subscribers automatically. Whenever a new subscriber comes on site these forms will add them automatically to the selected list.

Action on Duplicate Contacts

At the time of inserting/updating subscriber in a contact list, you can specify action-to-be-taken if duplicate entry is found.


only update the new fields and keep the old fields and their data.


do not take any action and keep the old data as it is.


only keep new data and remove the previous fields.

Interaction Rate of Contact Lists

Higher interaction rate of a contact list shows that subscribers in the list are more responsive. This helps you to filter more interactive subscribers from the idle ones.

When a subscriber opens a mail he is interacting with the campaign actually.

Other than open, the interaction rate will be counted if subscriber clicks on a link, reopen mail, unsubscribers from the list, etc.