How to Create, Customise & Schedule Email Campaign

Email Campaign

Email marketing is all about to send relevant content to your subscriber's list. To get more visibility, recognition, leads, & return, your email campaign must be effective. Content must be informative, personalized, clear & concise. Graphics need to be eye-catchy and visually appealing. It is the most basic element of email marketing panel. Just fill basic information, create a design, select contact lists and send. But we have re-invented the wheel to give you better user experience with more flexible options.

What is in for you?
This tutorial will enlighten about how you can design a campaign successfully. You will encounter multiple steps in this process

Pre-requisite to Design Email Campaign

What do we need to include in a warm up checklist before we start designing the email campaign?

Make sure you know the core purpose of sending an email. This is important to design a specific and task oriented email campaign which we get you better results. This is better than designing a scattered campaign with no central message.

Upload your contact list and if there is any segmentation required then complete it before creating a campaign.

Finalise the basic details like sending domain, sending name, email id so that you use correct and approved details while creating the campaign.

Prepare the content before designing campaign. This is a time taking process so it will be better if you prepare it prior to campaign designing process.

Make sure the content is brief & to the point. Avoid inclusion of unnecessary information.

After ensuring that above-mentioned tasks (there can be other tasks too which are not mentioned in above list because every business and organization have different checklists) are complete, the designing process will be easy and quick.

Control Panel Guide to Create Email Campaign

Create your first email campaign is easy with with assured interaction and thus building revenue. The guide will walk you through creating a customised email campaign and sending to your subscribers with advanced and detailed reports.

This process basically is made up of 5 steps which are:

We have added a few more steps in between the main steps just to explain the steps in full details so that you could create a perfect email campaign. Alos, these extra steps will cover certain inbuilt tools which will help in making a customised and advanced featured campaign.

  1. Create Email Campaign - 5 Steps

Powerful Reporting

Detailed in-site of the campaigns helps you to understand your subscribers more accurately. As you can see in the image below, the header includes other important details on the same page. You need not wander around other tabs to get the complete statistics for all your campaigns.

Just click on the number and system will show you all the results under it. Referring to the image below, let me give you a brief.

Total Campaigns
Click on this number and all the results under this category will be displayed

Completed Campaign
Click to fetch results

Processing Campaigns
Click to fetch results

Stopped Campaign
Click to fetch results

Scheduled Campaign
Click to fetch results

1 each
Paused/Hold Campaign
Click to fetch results

List Campaign

All the campaign which is created by the user will be listed under this option. The user will get a detailed review of the status and statistics of each campaign. Each row of the list display details which are numbered in the image below.

1 Campaign Name Campaign id along with subject name will be mentioned. When clicked user will be redirected to a new page with a complete overview of the campaign, the template used & reports linked with the campaign. Different subscribers use different browser & devices to open the email and our system calculates these opens too. Like if someone opened the email in Desktop in Chrome etc.
2 Total Subscriber This number displays the total number of subscribers who received the campaign. Click on the number and a new page will open with a subscriber list. A simple search button also helps to find if any specific email id is present in the list or not.
3 Contact List This is similar to "Total Subscriber" option. The only difference is that instead of showing individual subscribers it will provide you the number of contact list which user chose while creating the campaign. A pop-up will open mentioning the name of each contact list and number of subscribers in each contact list.
4 Percentage Interaction Rate This is the percentage of interaction over the individual campaign. When clicked a new page will appear with graphical information of monthly interaction ratio.
5 Spam Test & History User runs the spam test while creating the campaign and after the campaign completion. The option is already discussed above and the process is all similar.

List Templates

Templates which are designed by the user for campaigns will be listed here with the status (Scheduled or Not Scheduled) of the template.

Those templates which are shared with subscribers will display the date of the last schedule along with interaction rate and preview and spam test history. There will be a schedule button if the user wishes to send the campaign.

The ones which are still in the draft will be without interaction ratio & there will be not history and schedule option.
User can simply click on edit button to complete the campaign.

  1. List Templates

Some Important Points

We have had discussed the complete process to create an email campaign and in this process, a lot of features are discussed. There are a few more features which are somehow important in the campaign management and are used during and after the campaign sending.


You can Pause, Play and Stop campaign at any point in time. This is important feature required during emergency situations.

Social Sharing

You can share your campaign on your social networking accounts. Your subscriber can share mailer on his social networking accounts too.

HTML to Text

No need to type text-content separately. We will automatically extract text from your HTML and place it. Just edit it if you really want to.

This is a complete tutorial about how to design a campaign and manage it. All the steps are explained in details with the help of images which makes this process easy to understand.