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Design A/B Testing

Choose What to Test

Learn what attracts your customers through
A/B or Split Testing.



From name

From Name/Reply-To

Email Content

Email Content


Multi-Variant Customized Case

Size of Test

For your test, you can add up to 10 variants, and the system will then assign a colour to each of them.


Size of the Test

Drag and distribute contacts between test variants to check the total number of emails that will be sent via each test variant and the remaining volume of the emails that will be sent via the winner variant. Please have a look at the demo below.

A 20%


B 20%


C 20%


Winning Variant



Decide how to
choose a winner

Set a winning condition and we will automatically select the winner and send the remaining campaign emails

  • The variant with the highest open rate wins

  • The variant with the highest unique open rate wins

  • The variant with the highest click rate wins

  • The variant with the highest click rate on the selected links wins

  • The variant with the highest interaction rate wins

  • The variant with the lowest unsubscribe rate wins

  • Choose the winner manually

Quick, Easy and Interactive Set-up

An intelligent testing environment that makes it easy to set up your split test in just few minutes

Drag to set priority order of variants in case of a tie to choose the winner
Slider to distribute contacts between variants and final-run
Set a duration for which the test will be run
Manually select the winner at any time
Real-time selection of contact

In-sites of A/B Test

A split test can help you better understand your subscribers' personalities.
With the test results, you can get answers to the following queries-,

  • How to design an effective subject line?
  • Is it beneficial to include the subscriber's name in the subject line?
  • What effect does a From-Name have on the campaign's open rate?
  • Is your mailer designer deserving of remuneration?
  • When is the best time to send emails to your customers?
In-sites of A/B Test