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Drag and Drop Editor

Drag and Drop editor makes it easier to design creative mailers. No need to have skillful hands in HTML and other heavy software just to design a template.
Just drag the element, drop it on the desired position and edit its CSS. Amazing feature with amazing options,
just feel your imagination and drag it.

HTML Elements on Drag

Drag and Drop editor has all the HTML elements which can be used in mailer designing. Like, image, text, button, text with image, social sharing plugin, social follow button, divider, etc. All the elements are available in one, two, three, and four-column combinations.

  • HeadingHeading
  • TextText
  • Heading & TextHeading & Text
  • ImageImage
  • Text ImageText Image
  • Image Text
    Text Image
  • ButtonButton
  • Social LinksSocial Links
  • DividerDivider
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Responsive Designs

All the elements are designed to support a responsive structure. We don't know on which device will our subscriber open the mail. It may be a laptop or a mobile or tablet. Responsive design helps us to show content layout according to the device without distorting it and by automatically adjusting your newsletter to the size of the device being used like tablets, mobiles.

Dynamic Content

Instead of sending the same content to all of your subscribers, you can use dynamic tags like %%NAME%% to use client-specific information. This not only gives a personal touch to every subscriber but also allows you to send sensitive data. For example, invoice detail, sign-up username, and password, confirmation link, purchase detail, etc.

API - Codes Dynamic Content
CSS Style Options

Drag and change
CSS style

Despite the fact that the panel provides beautiful HTML elements, we do not challenge your creativity. You can change the CSS of the elements and design the mailer according to your imagination.


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