To reach out to specific target segments, click on the ‘Segmentation’ tab on the menu bar.  Depending on your campaign needs, you can select either ‘Filter-Based Segmentation’ or ‘Behaviour Based Segmentation’

Select the campaign design from our Drag and Drop builder or HTML/Text Editor or pick from our list of responsive templates.

Filter-Based Segmentation

Allows users to filter contacts who match certain conditions.

Assign a unique name to identify your segment list. Select your list segments. SendClean offers Multi-list Segmentation to help you select more than one list: 

Apply Filter Rule. You can choose from either Existing, New or Updates in your list of contacts as mentioned below: 

Or you can customize your own Rule: 

‘Save Segmentation’ once you have set-up your filters. Congrats! You have successfully created your Filter-Based Segmentation List. 

Behaviour-Based Segmentation

Allows users to filter contacts based on their performance in the scheduled campaigns. 

Assign a unique name to your Segmentation list. Select the contact list to create the segments. 

Select the ‘Performance Type’ parameter, the common custom fields that will be listed as filters. Give a confirmation email where your list will be emailed: