Email Segmentation Tool - Multi Email List Segmentation

Advanced Segmentation

Bring your intent toPlay and Send TargetedMessages to TargetedCustomer Segments.

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Customized Segmentation

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Bring your Intent to Play Send Targeted Messages

Find contacts within the database who share similar traits

Example – ‘doctors’ living in a specific ‘city’ who have purchased a specific ‘product.’

Find contacts within the database who share similar traits

Create a Segmented List Customized to
your Business Goals

Instead of applying segmentation to every action taken on a
contact, you can define them on the platform.

  • Apply on Existing Contacts

    You are creating the segmentation rule based on your already uploaded database.

  • Apply on New Contacts

    Choose this option to segment the list based on the new entries.

  • Apply on Updates

    If you select this option, the system will check if a contact is qualified for the defined segmentation as and when there is a list update.

Aim your email in the right direction

Multi-List Segmentation

Apply shared segmentation parameters on more than one contact list at the same time.

This feature allows users to schedule automation on an existing segmented list without creating a new one.

When segmentation is used in multiple small campaigns, and automation occurs in silos, tasks multiply.

Multi List Segmentation is a solution that can effectively handle this task.

Quick Overview of the Actions

Take a quick look at the contact lists added under segmentation, qualified contacts from each list, and the applicable actions.

Aim your email in the right direction

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