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Build a Quality List and Send Targeted Emails

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Build a Quality List and Send Targeted Emails

Manage a High Volume of Contacts with Ease

Create segmented lists, manage tags, and clean and scrub your contact files regularly, all in one place. Filter out contacts to create different segments and use them to perform A/B testing and run exclusive automated campaigns.

Manage High Volume of Contacts with Ease
Interaction Rate of Contact List

Interaction Rate of Contact List

It is recommended to keep interactive contact lists separate from passive ones. A higher interaction rate indicates that the contacts in the list are more responsive.

When a connection interacts with a campaign by opening an email, it is considered an interaction.

Apart from open rates, other forms of interaction include clicking on a link, reopening an email, unsubscribing from the list, and more.

Interaction Rate of Contact List

Custom Fields Mapping
for Efficient Targeting

Every business has its relative information. Businesses benefit from Custom Fields to store their data and help with relevant targeting.

Data Unification

Instead of creating the same field for each contact list separately, make it in one place and map it with them. This opens new dimensions of analysis and reporting between contact lists.

Types of Fields

When creating a field, you can specify its type so that validations can be applied automatically and error-free data can be stored. Here are some of the areas that SendClean supports: – Text, Integer, Float, Boolean, Time, Email, Mobile, Name, and URL.

Custom Field Mapping

Classify Your Data with Segmented Contact Lists

Steer clear of unorganized and messy lists. Instead of creating a central index and storing contact data, SendClean enables businesses to store contacts separately, making data classification easier. This is an excellent move to create targeted email marketing campaigns.

Classify Your Data with Segmented Contact Lists
  • Manage Multiple Information

    Manage Multiple Information

    Create as many contact lists as you want with your various types of information.

  • Organize Unlimited Contacts

    Organize Unlimited Contacts

    You can store a massive volume of contacts in a single contact list.

  • Personalize Your Campaigns

    Personalize Your Campaigns

    Add as many fields to a list as you want and design highly personalized email campaigns.

  • Advanced Segmentation

    Advanced Segmentation

    Target your emails efficiently using segmentation and apply rule-based filters to your contact lists.

Grow Your Email List with SendClean

Add new contacts and nurture your lists in multiple ways.
  • Upload File

    Upload File

    Businesses can upload .csv files with high-volume contacts easily on the platform.

  • Web Forms

    Web Forms

    Online integrated customizable forms make it easier to add new contacts automatically.

Grow Your Email List with SendClean

Action on Duplicate Contacts

What do you do when you identify duplicate entries?
  • Update

    Only update the new fields, keeping the old areas and their data intact.

  • Skip

    The old data and the duplicate stay as they are.

  • Replace

    The new data replaces all the previous ones.

Grow Your Email List with SendClean

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