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Web Hooks

Watch your Email Activities in Real-Time

Get Notified About Events in real time on Your CRM and Server

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Watch your Email Activities in Real-Time
Have full control on your email activities with Webhooks

Have full control on your email activities with Sendclean Webhooks.

configure webhooks/callback API/URL for each event like sent, delivered, opens, clicks, bounce, spam and more.

Create Segmented List Customized to
your Business Goals

  • Real-time events for all selected events type

  • Reports of email in real-time for delivered and Bounce

  • Opens and Click events with detail like open/click time browser, IP address etc.

  • Reason for soft bounces and hard bounces

  • Spam complaints with details like Email ID

  • Recipient MTA response and time on which recipient server accept your mail

  • Retry mechanism of reports push on call back api

  • Report push with customized headers

Send Callback

Send Callback

Once the URL is configured, you will start receiving the stream of data in JSON format

Send Callback

Delivery Callback

You will get delivery acknowledgement of each email in real-time to assure that your mail is delivered in the recipient inbox.

Delivery Callback
Delivery API Code
Open Tracking Callback

Open Tracking Callback

Identify users who aren’t looking at your emails

Open Tracking callback

Bounce Call Back

Prompt a user to update their email address if any email id got hard bounced.

Bounce Callback

While Webhooks are the best way to track responses, in case you only want to track bounce backs and don’t want to go into complete integration then Bounce Forwarding is the solution.

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