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Stay Above Spammy Content and DeliverEmails Right into your Customer’s Inbox

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Stay Above Spammy Content and Deliver Emails Right into your Customer's Inbox
Steer Clear of the spam gatekeepers

We can classify spam codes based on source as follows:

Steer Clear of the spam gatekeepers and Improve the Sender’s Reputation

Communication is the core of emails. SendClean does the end-to-end check to the headline, body content, and images in your emails, highlighting the areas that might take your emails to the customer’s spam box. Communicate using email best practices, improve your delivery rate, and enjoy a high reputation of landing in your customer’s inbox.

  • Drag and set order priority of variants in case of a tie to pick the best.
  • A slider is used to distribute contacts between variants and the final run.
  • Set a duration for which the test will run.

Codes written by Major E.S.P.’s

To fight spammers better, E.S.P.s do not reveal their matrix and concepts of filtering emails. One can surely assume, but it takes time to pinpoint E.S.P.’s filtering algorithms. E.S.P.s use learning-based codes to filter spammers’ behavior, making it even harder to guess those key points.

Codes written by Major ESP’s

Codes written by Open Source Projects

Other than E.S.P., major open-source projects are deepening their roots to filter spam. Spammers have no face, but we can spot them on the technical base. Many open source projects, like Spam Assassin, highlight some of the critical features of spammers, like,

Codes written by Open Source Projects
  • Spammers don’t set up proper SMTP servers
  • Spammers will try to use fewer resources to shoot high-volume emails
  • The spamming history will have blacklisted I.P.s
  • The spammer does not spend sufficient time designing a proper layout
  • The spammer will not have enough information about the user
  • Variation Ratio in emails shot by spammers will be low, and many more.

Codes written by standalone companies

Tools generated by standalone companies are equally beneficial in separating the spammers from the right content. This is where SendClean, your very own Email Delivery Platform, comes into play.

Codes written by standalone companies
Why do we need Spam Test Feature ?

Why do we need a Spam Test Feature?

Instead of tagging a spam email based on individual preferences, a more scientific way to go about it will be to focus on the source of these emails, i.e., The Sender.

Emails can be categorized as either spam or ham depending on the sender’s behavior.SendClean, with a thorough Spam Analysis, helps the sender stay clean of potential elements that might lead to spamming. Hence, our Spam Test Feature puts checks in the following areas:

  • The History Of Sender
  • Responses On the Past Campaigns
  • Route Used to Send Emails
  • IPs And Domains Used
  • Quality Of Database
  • Technical Key Points

Classify Spam from Ham with SendClean Spam Analysis

The system runs a vast array of tests and assigns individual scores to them. Ultimately, the sum of these scores defines the final category of email. Particular Tests may give Negative or Positive scores. A negative score indicates that the email failed the test. A positive Score indicates that the mailer has passed the test.

Classify Spam from Ham with SendClean Spam Analysis

Learn more about the Analysis and the Different Parameters we use to run Spam Tests on every Campaign.

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