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Delivered Straight to Inbox

Delivered Straight to Inbox

Improved deliverability of Transactional Emails with a platform-compatible API

World-class deliverability with seamless integration ensures your emails are device-optimized and go straight into the customer’s inbox. Our Email API doesn’t require any plugins or middleware. Choose your integration method to make your transactional campaigns take off in minutes.

Integrate SendClean Email API
SendClean Campaign Manager Feature
Click Tracking
Delivered Tracking
Dedicated Account Manager
Advanced Statistics
Multiple Domain
Multiple Sender Addresses
Event Webhooks
Domain/link Whitelabeling
DKIM Customization
Bounce Reporting

Ready Resources for Faster Integration

Get FREE Access to our Interactive Documentation and API Library

Get easy access to our Email API interactive documentation, library codes, SMTP, and more to simplify your transactional email campaigns. Our API offers a customizable integration approach and is compatible with multiple development platforms like Node.js, PHP, Python, Curl and more.

Access the API Library
Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

Advanced Analytics and Dashboard Giving a Clear View of Campaign Performance

All the essential information like reputation, current sending speed, and sending emails are visible on a single page, so no multiple navigation is required. A single platform also allows access to other service platforms with single access details.

  • Access all insights in the Sendclean Dashboard and Event Webhooks.
  • Real-Time Activity tracking as email opens, links clicked, bounces & abuse complaints.
  • Get the logs of each mail along with width Headers, HTML, and text Parts.
Catch a Glimpse of the Dashboard

IP Routing and Domain Control

Enabling Best Practices to Achieve a Higher Sender’s Reputation

Users can customize the slot/type of mail to deliver via the preferred IP. Thus, users can maintain a bunch of dedicated IPs and use them separately for a separate bunch of emails as per demand and can also map multiple domains to one account. For example, if you want to keep your sender mail, reply mail, DKIM, and other records signed by and mailed by all associated with a single domain, then it is possible with SendClean Email API.

Quick Guide to Domain Settings
IP Routing and Domain Control

One Account, Multiple Domains

Add Sub-users to a Main Account and Ensure Throtting Control

SendClean lets you connect multiple domains to your single account. You can verify and switch between these accounts to control everything from one place. The admin account can govern the sending speed and sending limit.

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Truly White labeling

Customize Sending Domain, Tracking Links, and IP Address

Save months of development time and infrastructure costs by customizing your email campaigns. Add your brand’s touch to your emails by customizing the sending domain, tracking links, and IP address. We also offer custom SPF and DKIM record creation to eliminate domain spoofing and phishing. Our domain’s emails will have DMARC records to ensure maximum security.

Pay As You Grow

No more, no less. Pay what you use for

Easy Billing helps you to send your emails smoothly. Pay As You Grow pricing enables you to pay an amount per monthly usage for our premium plans. The more emails you send, the more significant the reduction in email costs: no extra cost, no hidden charges or credit cards required. Pay Once, and you are good to go.

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