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API - Codes Dashboard
API - Codes

Email API - Seamless Integration

SendClean Email API gives you easy access to interactive documentation, library codes, SMTP and more to simplify your transactional email campaigns. Statistics like open, click, bounce, delivery rates, complaints by Dashboard & HTTP API with Webhooks method in JSON data structure are right on your fingertips.

Quick Integration
Our tight and seamless integration doesn’t require any plugin or Middleware. Just choose your integration method and make your emails take off.

World-Class Deliverability
Our email deliverability monitors your sender reputation. Stay on top of latest best practices to deliver better experiences.

Truly Whitelabeling

Whitelabeling allows to send email with brand, customize sending domain, tracking links and IP address.

Custom SPF and DKIM record creation to eliminate domain spoofing and phishing via DMARC records on emails being sent from your domain.

We call it Truly Whitelabel because we cover all possibilities by allowing customization of Image Hosting, Tracking Links, Open Tracking Signing Domain, Envelope (Return-Path) & rDNS.

Truly Whitelabeling
Truly Whitelabeling
curl -X POST http://sendcleanTES_APP_DOMAIN:7278/v1.0/messages/sendMail \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -d '{"owner_id": "<owner_id>","token": "<token>","smtp_user_name": "<smtp_user_name>","message": {"html": "Example HTML content","subject": "example subject","from_email": "","to": [{"email": ""}]}}'

try {
    require_once 'sendcleanMTA_PHP/sendclean.php';
    $sendclean = new sendclean('owner_id', 'token', 'sendcleanTES_APP_DOMAIN');
    $smtp_user_name = "smtp12345";
    $message = array();
    $message["html"] = "Example HTML content";
    $message["subject"] = "example subject";
    $message["from_email"] = "";
    $message["to"] = array(array("email" => ""));
    $result = $sendclean->messages->sendMail($smtp_user_name, $message);
} catch (sendclean_Error $e) {
    echo "A sendclean error occurred: " . get_class($e) . " - " . $e->getMessage();
var sendclean = require('./sendclean.js');
var sendclean_client = new sendclean.sendclean('owner_id', 'token', 'sendcleanTES_APP_DOMAIN');
var param = {"smtp_user_name": "smtp12345",
    message: {
        html: "Example HTML content",
        subject: "example subject",
        from_email: "",
        to: [{email: ""}]
sendclean_client.messages.sendMail(param, function (result) {
}, function (e) {
    console.log('A sendclean error occurred: ' + + ' - ' + e.message);
    import sendclean
    sendclean_client = sendclean.sendclean('owner_id', 'token', 'sendcleanTES_APP_DOMAIN')
    smtp_user_name = "smtp12345";
    message = {};
    message["html"] = "Example HTML content";
    message["subject"] = "example subject";
    message["from_email"] = "";
    message["to"] = [{"email" : ""}];
    result = sendclean_client.messages.sendMail(smtp_user_name, message)
    print result
except sendclean.Error, e:
    print 'A sendclean error occurred: %s - %s' % (e.__class__, e)
Every Thing for Developers

Every Thing for Developers

API that supports multiple development platforms including Node.js, PHP, Python, Curl with customizable integration approach.

  • Wide range of options even control IP Routing, Open, Click Tracking & DKIM Authentication via Simple API.
  • Publicly available Robust Documentation and Support articles.
  • JSON, XML & Get option in both request and response.

Advance Reporting and Analytics

Another important aspect is that all your basic important information like reputation, current sending speed, sending emails are visible on a single page, so no multiple navigation required. Single platform also allows to access other service platforms with single access details.

  • Real Time Activity tracking like email open, link clicked, bounces & abuse complaints.
  • Access all insights in the Sendclean Dashboard and Event Webhooks.
  • Get the logs of each mail along width Headers, HTML & Text Parts.
Advance Reporting & Analytics
Every Thing for Developers
Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go

Easy Billing helps you to send your emails smoothly. Pay As You Go feature allows you to pay an amount as per your monthly usage, not more not less. If balance is consumed, add funds with two simple clicks and you are ready to send emails again. The more emails you send , the greater the reduction in per email costs. No hassle of remembering the validity dates, add funds whenever you wish.

No extra cost No hidden charges. Pay Once and you are good to go.

Advance IP Routing and Domain Control

User may decide which slot/type of mail to deliver via which IP. Thus user can maintain a bunch of dedicated IPs and use them separately for separate bunch of mails as per demand. This customization is possible via the API option This customization is also available in managing multiple domains or single domain for each mail.

For example, if you want to keep your sender mail, reply mail, DKIM and other records, signed by, mailed by all associated with a single domain then here is the option.

Advance IP Routing & Domain Control
Sub Users & Throtting Control

Sub Users and
Throtting Control

Facility to create multiple user accounts under the main account. Sending speed and sending limit can be controlled by admin account. Monitoring the downline account is made easy which helps keeping in check the email sending process of multiple accounts.

Reputation check, SMTP Settings, Domain Settings and other many default options are given at the dashboard of main account, thus leading to easy management. Mailing sending activities of each user is segregated and so are the reports.

One Account,
Multiple Domains

Unlike Google, Yahoo, AOT, Hotmail, or other major mailbox service providers, Sendclean lets you connect multiple domains to your single account. No need to make multiple accounts. Verify and switch between these accounts to control all from one single place.

By Whitelabeling user becomes able to customize DKIM, SPF, Link tracking, Open Tracking rDNS, Authentication, envelop and related domain.

One Email One Domain
Truly Whitelabeling