Email Automation Tool for Better Results

Email Automation

Use Customer Journeys to Build Meaningful Connections

Trigger Personalized Emails at Pre-defined Instances

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Use Customer Journeys to Build Meaningful Connections

Send Automated Emails to Niche Targets

Select multiple contact lists and/or segmented lists to sends automated emails

Send Automated Emails to Niche Targets

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Detailed insights into the automation campaigns help businesses to understand their subscribers more accurately.

  • Scheduled Mails

    Scheduled Mails

  • Send, open, click emails

    Sent, Open, Click details

  • Day-wise Reporting

    Day-wise reporting

How is Automation Useful?

Choose your automation triggers.

You can send relevant emails only when you know what exactly your contact is doing.

Various instances you can set triggers and schedule automation are as follows:

  • Contact Signup A new contact is signing-up

  • Website Visitors Prospective leads visiting website pages

  • Contact Disqualification When a contact dis-qualifies from set criteria

  • Contact QualificationWhen a contact qualifies set criteria

  • Anniversary or Date Anniversary or date information of contacts

  • Segmented Contacts When a contact is added in a segment

Depending on the set triggers, send eye-catching emails to your relevant contacts

  • Welcome Mails


    Welcome email for signups and subscriptions

  • Confirmation Mails


    Confirmation emails for product purchase or online queries

  • Thank You Mails

    Thank you

    Thank you email for query resolution, transactions or closing interactions

  • Do Not Worry

    Do not Worry

    ‘Do not Worry’ emails in case of missed steps, expired dates or information

  • Suggestion


    Suggestion emails for pending invoices, upcoming product buys and more

  • Due Date or Hurry-up

    Due Date or Hurry-up

    Due Date or Hurry-up emails if an offer is going to get over soon

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