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Enterprise Solution

Skyrocket your Growth with Influential Marketing Campaigns

Our SendClean Enterprise Solution is perfect for businesses of all sizes, with advanced features ensuring scalability and customization as per campaign needs

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Scalable, Trusted Email API

Scalable, Trusted Email API
Scalable, Trusted Email API

Speed up your transactions by simply integrating our Email API in minutes. User-friendly interface and tools that make the implementation easier. Manage all your email sub-accounts from one place.

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High Volume Sender, Improved Deliverability

Set up SMTP server quickly and deliver billions of emails to customers.

Manage large volumes of contact and multiple accounts. Explore the unlimited possibilities of our FREE plan before you upgrade to our premium plan.

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Boost Campaign Performance with SendClean Enterprise Solution

Get an update on your campaign performance and a series of metrics to know what’s working with our advanced analytics and dashboard. Open rates, click rates, bounces, unsubscribes, complaints everything you can check and monitor through one dashboard.

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