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Brands & Enterprises are preoccupied with starting or expanding their business. They rely on marketers to use their magic wand and connect with their customers and prospects effectively. Infact, every dollar spent on marketing is worthwhile.

You've probably heard or read about how businesses are using email marketing to increase revenue, reach new customers, and better engage current customers. Whether you are sending out regular email newsletters or you are just getting started with sending your first email campaign, one thing you might struggle with is increasing your open rates. It tells how many subscribers open and read the emails. While it is an important metric to monitor, it is not the only effective way at indicating how productive the email ROI is. The click-through rate (CTR) is one critical metric, which tells how many subscribers clicked on a link in the emails.

When it comes to email marketing, this is a more important measure to track because it reveals how many subscribers are actually performing a desired action - whether it's reading your latest blog, listening to a new podcast episode, booking a call, or visiting a sales page.

Open rates and click-through rates, when combined, can tell how successfully the email marketing strategy is achieving its goal of increasing sales and providing a higher return on investment for the businesses. However, many emails are never opened by a sufficient number of subscribers, and even fewer subscribers take action by clicking on links contained within emails.

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So, how can you increase the open and click-through rates of your email marketing campaign? In this blog post, we'd like to assist you in answering that question.

Tips to Increase Email Open Rates

1. Clean up your target list

It is really important to review your subscribers either monthly or quarterly. Every few months you should and must be deleting subscribers off your mail list who are no longer interacting with your emails. Cleaning your email list allows you to find the addresses that are active, engaged, and valid. Your campaigns may be brought back to life with proper email list care.

Clean up your target list
2. Craft a compelling subject line

Many of us tend to look at emails on our mobile phones. The email app has less space to read the subject line and hence it's important to keep a short and very snappy subject line. Shorter subject lines work better and avoid spamming terms from triggering spam filters, which means emails may end up in the promotional folder rather than in the inbox. Because most individuals don't check their spam folders, it's possible that you'll end up there. So avoiding words like free, buy now or sale is better as they set off a different level of spam filters. Instead, you can get creative in phrasing things in a different way or make use of email campaign tools.

 Craft a compelling subject line
3. Personalize the email

Allow your subscribers to believe you're giving them personalized material rather than a bulk email. This is because a little personalization may help you increase your email open rate significantly.

4. Use the preview text wisely

Don't forget to optimize your preview text, aside from the "from" name and the subject line. This piece of text, also known as pre-header text, shows in the user's inbox as a preview of the email. Because your subscribers will use the preview text to filter emails for relevancy, choose it carefully. Different forms of preview text will be tested to see which ones work best in getting your subscribers to read your emails. According to a case study published by Marketing Experiments, tweaking the preview content of a newsletter increased email opens by 30%.

Use the preview text wisely
5. Device Friendly templates

Download rates on mobile devices are often slower than on desktop computers. Reduce the size of your picture assets to reduce the time it takes for your email to load. Make sure your material is big enough to view on a phone or tablet. Remove any text from your email that isn't necessary for your recipients to view. Make sure any text links and CTA buttons are higher and wider than 57x57 pixels to guarantee your subscribers can view and click on your material easily.

6. Timing is Key

You have to make sure that you are being consistent when you are sending out your email newsletters. It doesn't matter if it's sent once a day, once a week or once a month. It's just important to stick to a set schedule. Otherwise, if you disappear for a month or you are sporadic with how you send out your email newsletters your audience going to be a little bit confused and maybe a bit irritated and might forget why they signed up for you in the first place and might end up deleting your emails rather than ever opening them.

7. Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly

Your templates must be mobile-friendly for all of your subscribers to read your intended preview text and email body. If you don't design your emails for mobile, your subscribers may recall that they always seem "broken" when they open them. Then they're unlikely to read your emails frequently. If your email open rate is currently off goal, make sure you're supporting mobile appropriately.

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Tips to Increase Click-Through Rates

8. Focus on the Interests of Your Subscribers

Of course, the primary goal of having an email list is to boost sales. However, that should not be the exclusive emphasis of your email content. There are various other methods for increasing sales. Instead, focus your material on what your followers are interested in. This is a great method to keep customers interested and engaged as they progress through your sales funnel.

9. Segment the list of subscribers and personalize your emails

Finally, how you segment your list during email campaigns might have an impact on your open rates. Do you send the same email to every subscriber, or do you vary it based on factors such as their geography or purchase history?

Segment the list of subscribers and personalize your emails

Keep in mind that you don't have to use one sort of segmentation for all of your email marketing campaigns. For example, after sending a location-based email campaign, consider segmentation by purchase frequency in your next campaign. These tests will provide you with more information about how different segments of your consumers react to your emails.

Single CTA to avoid confusion

It's critical to utilize only one CTA in your emails if you want to improve your click-through rates. Instead of utilizing the same CTA language and buttons throughout the email, you can experiment with different CTA text and buttons in the copy, but make sure they all lead to the same page on your website.

Track and monitor your results

Compare the click-through rates of your most recent campaigns over a period of time by exporting the results. You may next ask yourself the following questions to see if you can draw any insights from the data:

  • What strategy did you employ in each email to try to get people to click on this link? (Ones containing clickable pictures, for example, may have generated more hits than emails without.)
  • What exactly was the subject of each email? (Different themes may pique the attention of your readers in different ways.)
Track and monitor your results

Email marketing is similar to other digital marketing methods. You must continually make modifications to stay on track, even if you start each campaign with a defined aim and approach. You can't improve what you can't measure. That's why email marketers keep tabs on important data like to figure out what needs to be tweaked and when.

The open rate, followed by click-through rates, is one of the most essential email indicators. Some of the email metrics like A/B Split Testing helps you compare two or more versions of a mailer to see which one performs better. Likewise, it lets you know how many people on your list are engaging with your content and curious about your brand or offer. In order to identify the origin of a given click as being part of a specific email campaign, you must connect your email platform with your analytics software and assign unique tracking URLs to your email links. Conversion rates are critical if you want to create leads since they reflect how effective your newsletters are at creating prospects and leads.

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