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Email validation for better campaign performance with SendClean

You spend hours crafting engaging content, designing attractive layouts, and segmenting your audience. But what if all your email marketing efforts go to waste because your emails never reach their intended recipients?

Did you know that 15.8% of all emails are either lost in the spam folder or blocked by popular spam filters? One in every ten emails you send may not reach its intended recipient. Such a scenario can adversely affect your email campaign performance, reputation, and revenue.

One of the main reasons for this low deliverability rate is that your email list needs better data quality and invalidity. If your email list contains invalid, outdated, or fake email addresses, you will likely face high bounce rates, spam complaints, and low engagement.

Email validation is crucial to maintaining good data quality in your lists and campaign performance. If you need clarification on email validation, its benefits, and how to validate email addresses correctly, this is the right place to learn.

What exactly is email validation?

Benefits of email validation

Email validation is a crucial process that ensures the accuracy and deliverability of an email address. It helps to eliminate any invalid, inactive, risky, or incorrect email addresses from your list, thus keeping only the genuine and engaged ones.

This process also prevents typos while submitting forms, which can result in incorrect data submission and hinder your ability to reach your primary targets.

By validating your email addresses, you can increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns, improve email deliverability, and enhance customer satisfaction. However, before we explore how email validation can benefit your email campaigns, let's clear up any misconceptions.

How do email validation and verification benefit your email campaigns?

Maintain the quality of your email list

It will help in preventing invalid and poor-quality email addresses such as disposables, spam traps, blacklisted, and catch-alls from entering your list. Even a 1% increase in such email addresses can significantly reduce your email deliverability by up to 10%. Ensuring proper email validation and verification leads to accurate data and improves sales teams and email campaigns.

Minimizing bounce rates

Email validation and verification results provide information about email address correctness, deliverability, and status. By analyzing this data, you can identify incorrect, undeliverable, role-based, or accept-all addresses and remove them from your email list. This process helps to ensure a higher chance of secure delivery and reduces the likelihood of email bounces by up to 90%, thus keeping your email list clean and optimized.

Saves your sender’s reputation

When you send emails, your reputation with ISPs and ESPs is essential. Your reputation is based on how often your emails are marked as spam or bounce back. To maintain a good reputation, using a verified email list is essential. This ensures that you only send emails to addresses that will accept them, causing bounces or marking them as spam. Doing this will help maintain a good sender reputation with your ISPs and ESPs.

Solves low deliverability issues

If your emails are not being delivered, it may be because they are being marked as spam. This can happen even if your recipients are interested in your content. To prevent this, it is essential to validate your email list carefully. Proper validation and verification methods help to reduce bounces, improve the sender's reputation, and gain your ISP's trust, leading to better deliverability.

Reduces the chances of being blacklisted

Your domain or IP address may get blacklisted if you have shallow engagement and your email list contains outdated or invalid email addresses or spam traps. All subsequent emails will be delivered to spam, which differs from where you want them to be.

For instance, the likelihood that your account will be blacklisted increases the more hard bounces you receive or if you land in a spam trap. You lower these risks by authenticating and verifying the email addresses on your list.

Saves resources being spent on chasing invalid leads

Many email service providers (ESPs) have pricing plans based on the number of members on your email list. If your list has a lot of invalid email addresses, you may end up paying a higher subscription fee. It is wise to run an email validation to avoid unnecessary costs and maintain a clean and valid email list.

Increases email campaign’s ROI

You can send fewer emails with a cleaned and verified email list. This enables you to precisely target your emails, which increases the chances of engaging the recipient. As a result, your emails become more relevant in their eyes, and they are more likely to make a purchase.

With email validation, your resources are utilized more effectively, your expenses decrease, and your revenues are likely to increase. This ultimately improves your ROI for every dollar you invest.

Boost Deliverability with SendClean

There are various methods of validating email addresses

The first method is through the use of Regex, which is a string of characters used to define a specific search pattern. However, it has limitations in validating email addresses, such as not allowing unusual formats and not verifying the existence of the email domain and user account.

The second method is real-time email validation, which is more advanced and accurate. It can validate email addresses as they are entered into the signup form by performing various checks. You can use tools like SendClean to perform real-time email validation.

The third method is post-email validation or double opt-in. This involves sending a confirmation email to the provided email address, and the user must confirm their email address to sign up. However, this method has limitations, as users who enter their email addresses incorrectly may not receive the confirmation email.

The fourth method is bulk email validation, used to clean and validate emails that have already entered your database. It is recommended to use a real-time email validation solution and the double-opt-in method to detect any typos or invalid email addresses during entry.

Finally, an email validator is a tool used to check if an email address is valid and deliverable by verifying the syntax, domain, and mailbox of an email address. It also provides additional information about the email address, such as the email account type and safe-to-send score, for better deliverability.

What should you look for in an email validation tool?

Checklist to find the best email validation tool

Here is an essential feature checklist that a good email validation tool should have:

  • High accuracy rate
  • Fast verification speed
  • Real-time validation
  • Syntax Validation
  • Greylisting Verification
  • Catch-All Verification
  • Blacklist Verification
  • Gibberish Check
  • Yahoo, AOL Validation
  • Domain Verification
  • Disposable and Role Account Verification
  • Mailbox Quota and Error Verification

You should consider if the tool offers the type of verification you need and if it integrates with your current tools and apps.

Best Email Verification Tools

Now, let’s look at email verification tools you can try to clean and validate your list.


On our list, first, we have NeverBounce. It breaks down the process into two steps: "Clean" removes duplicates and misspelled addresses, while "Verify" checks for valid, invalid, unknown, or accept-all addresses.

Upon signup, you'll receive ten free credits and can purchase more based on three pricing plans ranging from $0.002 to $0.008 per credit. Other features include syncing with your email provider for daily automatic list cleaning and integration with web forms or platforms via custom API, JavaScript, Zapier, or NeverBounce's API wrappers.

Although pricier than some competitors, NeverBounce is an excellent choice for a verification solution that works smoothly with other platforms.


ZeroBounce is an email-related service offering email verification, list analyses, server testing, and finders. It allows you to validate 100 email addresses for free without registration. To see the number of emails in each category, you must create an account and upload your list again. ZeroBounce offers extra credits for more than 100 addresses you can purchase. It's a multi-purpose solution that can integrate with other platforms.


The final email verifier on our list is EmailListVerify. It's solely focused on email verification and offers 100 free email verifications upon registration. Although it takes a bit longer to process free emails, the tool provides excellent visualization of results. Pricing options include pay-as-you-go and monthly subscriptions, with the cheapest plan starting at $139 per month and allowing you to verify 5,000 emails daily. Overall, EmailListVerify is a pricier but more efficient alternative to the Email Verifier.

Say Goodbye to Invalid Email Addresses

Ensuring the accuracy and up-to-date status of your email contacts is crucial for successful email outreach. Email verification may seem like a daunting task, but it is an essential step in maintaining a high-quality email list. By validating your emails regularly or before every campaign, you can achieve real-time validation and improve your email campaign results. Get SendClean now and add email verification to your email list hygiene routine!



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