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AMP for emails

Email marketing has evolved far beyond simple text messages or static images. As technology advances, so do the possibilities within our inboxes. One such innovation is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) emails, a dynamic and interactive way to engage with your audience directly in their email.

Fact on usage of AMP emails

Today, we'll explore how to harness this feature with SendClean, a leading email delivery platform solution.

Use Case Validation

Validating your use case is crucial before embarking on the AMP email journey. Consider the following:

Ensure your AMP email provides real value to recipients.

Think about dynamic updates to keep information current and personalized.

Leverage interactive elements to enhance engagement.

AMP Email Template & Testing AMP Emails on Gmail

Crafting an effective AMP email template is the next step. Use SendClean's intuitive interface to design a visually appealing, interactive template that aligns with your brand. Take advantage of the unique capabilities of AMP emails:

  • Dynamic updates for personalized content.
  • Interactive elements to boost engagement.
  • SendClean simplifies this process, allowing you to create stunning templates without extensive coding knowledge.
  • You will have to make sure that the dynamic settings on Gmail are enabled so that you can test the final AMP emails on your Gmail email address.
  • Go to the settings of your Gmail account and enable the checkbox against Dynamic Email by permitting Google to display dynamic emails in your mailbox.
  • Now you can test your finished AMP Emails to your Gmail ID and test for its content!

AMP emails on GMail

Going Live

To ensure that your AMP Email template is error-free, testing it with a small group of test accounts is crucial. SendClean will conduct batches of multiple tests on your AMP Email campaign to ensure everything functions as intended. Once the tests are successful, your campaign will be sent out.

How AMP Mail helps your business?

Here's how AMP Emails facilitates your journey:

  • AMP is often used to enhance content pages, but can also be used for e-commerce experiences.
  • AMP allows for a smooth "scrolly-telling" experience on magazine article websites without custom JavaScript.
  • Designers can use AMP components to create an immersive reading experience.
  • Adding animations to written content with AMP can enhance the overall page experience.
  • AMP can be used to design a band website with various components for a vivid and enjoyable experience.
  • The amp-sidebar component can give the same feeling as a single-page app.

AMP email is a new technology that has many advantages over traditional HTML emails. However, it also has some limitations and drawbacks that may make people hesitant to use it. In this article, we will discuss these limitations and provide solutions for overcoming them.

Limitations of AMP Emails

Learning a new language

AMP requires marketers to learn a new coding language and markup specifications. This can be time-consuming and complicated, especially for those without coding skills. Fortunately, some tools offer a drag-and-drop editor for creating AMP emails without coding.

Lack of support from ESP

AMP requires a third MIME type not supported by all email service providers (ESPs). This can make it difficult to use AMP for sending emails. However, many companies have made it possible to create and send AMP emails easily, even if your ESP does not support it.

Difficult performance tracking

AMP email makes it challenging to track campaign performance, especially for AMP-empowered features like hover-based events. However, by offering a comprehensive dashboard that contains both traditional email analytics elements and new ones to track AMP email features.

Confusing dynamic updates

AMP's live content feature allows content to be updated even after deployment. However, this can create confusion for subscribers who may not be aware of this technology. To solve this, we are spreading awareness about AMP through emails to help people understand its features and benefits.

Time-consuming creation

Creating AMP emails can be time-consuming, requiring new skills and expertise. However, creating and sending AMP emails is as easy as traditional email marketing, with added ESP features to set up your complete AMP email marketing ecosystem.


In a world where static emails are becoming passé, embracing the dynamism of AMP is a game-changer. SendClean empowers businesses to integrate AMP emails into their marketing strategy seamlessly. Elevate your email marketing game with SendClean. Visit SendClean and learn how to elevate your email marketing strategy and take your campaigns to new heights.



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