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Image Editor

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Image Editor

The email panel lacks an image editor that allows you to edit photos while creating your newsletter
and customise your images without having to use third-party applications.

Image Editor
Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation

Perform various tasks from your browser and store the results.

  • Crop

  • Rotate

  • Resize

  • Zoom

  • Round Image Corners

Text Manipulation

Add text to your picture and change its attributes, characteristics as per your requirement

  • 600+ Fonts

  • Text Opacity

  • Size

  • Color

  • Background

  • Outline

Text Manipulation
Elementary Shapes

Elementary Shapes

Use a number of in-build basic shapes and change its features like size, colour, border, shadow, position, background, etc.

  • Circle

  • Triangle Shape Triangle

  • Polygon Shape Polygon

  • Square Shape Rectangle

  • Ellipse Shape Ellipse

Drawing Skills

Draw whatever you desire with our comprehensive brush collection. Now you can also change its size, color, shadow, etc.

Drawing Skills

Multiple Image Filters

Explore the variety of amazing effects, with just one click,. With our custom filters, you can now edit the images and change the way it looks.

  • Greyscale Image Filter
    Greyscale Image Filter
  • Invery Image Filter
    Invert Image Filter
  • Sepia Image Filter
    Sepia Image Filter
  • Brightness Image Filter
    Brightness Image Filter
  • Noise Image Filter
    Noise Image Filter
  • Multiply Image Filter
    Multiply Image Filter
And many more...
  • Stickers

    Adding stickers in images has never been easier! Express your emotions, elaborate your pictures by using our in-built stickers

  • Objects and Layers

    Objects and Layers

    Move around objects you added like, text, drawings, shapes, stickers,etc with drag and drop and easily control their visibility and z-index from layers panel

  • History

    History will assist you in determining the previous version and will display the several stages of your editing in chronological order. All you have to do is- click on the Undo/Redo buttons.


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